Holiday Crowds in PV

Holiday Crowds in Puerto Vallarta
            Holiday Crowds in Puerto Vallarta

We are fast approaching Christmas and New Years –  one of the busiest times of the year for Puerto Vallarta – and I thought I’d offer some advice on how to deal with the crowds.

Due to the population increase during the holidays in Puerto Vallarta, everything we do takes longer.

Planning ahead and taking more time to do things, with an extra side of patience is needed to get through the holidays with your sanity. Continue reading “Holiday Crowds in PV”

Making and Receiving Telephone Calls In Puerto Vallarta

It never ceases to amaze me how difficult such a simple thing like making or receiving a phone call in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico can be. 

I have found myself in frustrating situations on more than one occasion trying to place a phone call and not being able to.

Once you figure out the basics it will become a little easier, just a little!

If you are planning to bring your smart-phone to Puerto Vallarta on your vacation make sure to change your settings, turn off your package included Internet, and manually connect to the available Internet from your Hotel.

I have heard too many horror stories of friends returning home from their vacation and getting their next phone bill with hundreds of dollars incurred while they were using their phone in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico. Continue reading “Making and Receiving Telephone Calls In Puerto Vallarta”

Changing Dollars to Pesos in Puerto Vallarta

The best exchange rate for your dollar in Puerto Vallarta can be obtained using your Bank card. You will get the best rate by withdrawing money (pesos) from an ATM machine that is found in a bank as you will get the current exchange rate without inflation. If you happen to find a bank in Puerto Vallarta that you deal with back home than you won’t have to pay any fees.  If you don’t find a bank you deal with back home than the typical fee is around 5.00 dollars for your transaction. Even considering this fee, it is still your best option.

ATM in Puerto Vallarta
ATM in Puerto Vallarta

Not every ATM is created equal in Puerto Vallarta. There are more and more ATM Machines popping up in Hotel Lobbies, Corner Stores and even free standing on the street like this one in the picture I came across. I had to laugh at this machine “Cashola, Say hello to your money”. First of all the name and slogan are pretty amusing, and second it is written in English while sitting on a street in Mexico. I didn’t check the fee’s that this particular machine charges, but since it is catering to tourists I bet they are ridiculous! Be aware of the fees as they can range from 5.00 to 11.00 dollars per transaction.

If you are a Canadian and deal with the Scotia bank than there are a few locations where you can withdraw money from an ATM and not be charged any fee. In the old town area just off of Olas Altas and right in front of the Pier is a Scotia Bank ATM, my personal favorite. There is also a Scotia Bank located close to the Plaza in front of the church of Guadalupe, just down the street from Burger King.  Continue reading “Changing Dollars to Pesos in Puerto Vallarta”