For Sale – 42 ft Maple Leaf Sailboat

Sailing around Vancouver Canada

Make all your dreams come true and sail away on Escondida.

She is a great boat and has sailed to many wonderful destinations such as Desolation Sound, Broughten Islands, Ocean Falls and all around the Vancouver Islands.

The current Captains dreamt of one day sailing to Mexico. Continue reading “For Sale – 42 ft Maple Leaf Sailboat”

Low Season In Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa
Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa

High season and Low season are the two seasons that we experience here in Puerto Vallarta! Although in the past few years the low season is getting less drastic than it was many years ago. The low season here is a slow down of tourists visiting and this usually starts to happen after Semana Santa (Easter Break) and then begins to pick back up sometime in October.

I can remember ten years ago when low season was here everyone knew it and felt it, and many businesses would close their doors for three months which left our paradise feeling like a ghost town. Thankfully our low seasons are not that low anymore!

During the summer months we get a lot more National tourists that come to play and vacation here in our beach town. Kids are out of school and Puerto Vallarta offers a summer playground for the Nationals that live inland and want to spend time at the beach.  Continue reading “Low Season In Puerto Vallarta”

Comida Corrida, A Mexican Meal

Puerto Vallarta has thousands of restaurants to choose from and if you are ready to try some authentic Mexican food then keep your eyes open for a sign similar to the one in this picture. I know this is not the prettiest picture, but I used it here so you will know what to look for!

There are lots of Mexican style restaurants that serve comida corrida in and around Puerto Vallarta where you can get a great meal for cheap. The prices seen here are in pesos so, this meal cost a little over 4 US $.

Comida corrida is basically an all inclusive meal that includes a soup of the day, a main dish served with rice, beans and tortillas, and an agua of the day (fruit juice) for a set price. Some comida corridas also include a dessert and have a selection of two or three main dishes to choose from. Continue reading “Comida Corrida, A Mexican Meal”

Make Your Eco-Dream Come True

For less than the cost of a middle-class house, you can have a turnkey international ecotourist destination, a coffee farm, a working ranch, AND a private retreat.

The asking price for 100 acres of tropical cloud forest in the heart of Mexico’s Mayan Mountains, including an adobe guest cottage that sleeps 10, a party palapa, a six-stall horse stable, chicken coop, orchard, vegetable garden, pond, well, and artesian spring with year round waters — $299,000. Continue reading “Make Your Eco-Dream Come True”

Save $$$ on Architect-Designed Casa in Mexican Neighborhood

In Puerto Vallarta, as a general rule, your money will buy you a lot more house or condo in a predominantly Mexican neighborhood, as compared to a Gringo-oriented neighborhood.

A great example is this architect-designed house with pool in colonia (neighborhood) Independencia.

This modern Mexican-style, super-spacious, 2152 square-foot home, all on one level, was designed by architect Alberto Alvarez (well-known for Villa San Sebastian and Villa Mandarina). Continue reading “Save $$$ on Architect-Designed Casa in Mexican Neighborhood”

Very Motivated Seller Asks $99K for Home in Puerto Vallarta


If there’s one thing a prospective buyer likes more than a “motivated seller,” it’s a “very motivated seller,” and this beautiful casa in the neighborhood of Las Aralias, Puerto Vallarta, has a very motivated seller.

The price on this very nice family home on a private street a couple of miles from the beach has been slashed from a reasonable $121,500 to a real deal at $99,000.

The house has three bedrooms plus a study, and 2.5 bathrooms, with a total of 1006 square feet of living Continue reading “Very Motivated Seller Asks $99K for Home in Puerto Vallarta”

Architect-Designed Casa Well-Worth $3.6 Million in Puerto Vallarta

I see a lot of multi-million-dollar real estate here in Puerto Vallarta, and sometimes these places look like a unit in an uninspired apartment complex in Milwaukee or Peoria — although plopped down on a gorgeous stretch of beach.

But this beachfront casa on the south shore, designed by architect Elias Rizo, is worth every penny of its asking price of $3,595,000 (although, in this buyer’s market, you might not have to pay even that much).

This modern masterpiece has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths in Continue reading “Architect-Designed Casa Well-Worth $3.6 Million in Puerto Vallarta”

What a Door to Come Home to in Puerto Vallarta!

Wow, wouldn’t you feel rich coming home to this front door! But in Puerto Vallarta, you can have it, and the big beautiful house that comes with it, for only $215,000 — or maybe less.

And don’t forget, Puerto Vallarta is not only a vibrant, friendly, world-class tourist destination — it’s also the #1 best international retirement locale, according to AARP!

The beautiful gate and front garden of this casa lead to a very spacious 3-bedroom, 2-bath house, with another large space for an office or whatever you like. Continue reading “What a Door to Come Home to in Puerto Vallarta!”

2 Residential + 1 Commercial, El Centro, 9 Bdrm — $350,000

This prime location building is a great investment opportunity for both commercial and residential use. There are two separate residential units plus ground floor commercial space.

It’s large with more than 400 m2 2-level construction, a prime lot 220 m2 on Lazaro Cardenas Street, in south downtown (El Centro). Continue reading “2 Residential + 1 Commercial, El Centro, 9 Bdrm — $350,000”

Old Town and Puerto Vallarta

Voted the friendliest place on earth, Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by incredible beaches and jungles loaded with wildlife. The area, like much of Mexico, is both quaint and vibrant with cobblestone streets, charm, and local fiestas. We try it all, from people- to whale-watching, from local authentic Mexican dishes to world renowned gourmet, from shopping to ziplines. Then we pass on our experiences to you.

Adventure Tours in Vallarta, Even for the Laid Back

I always thought of Puerto Vallarta as a place to walk on the beach, get a massage, eat gourmet food — that’s my idea of a vacation.

So I was surprised to discover that Vallarta is a huge adventure-tour mecca, immensely attractive to people whose idea of fun is rappeling up waterfalls and zooming through jungle tree-tops on zip lines.

But there are also adventure tours that consist of sitting on the boat with a piña colada or three while the captain shows you ecological wonders — you don’t have to jump in the water with fins and snorkel unless it’s starting to look like fun by that point…. Continue reading “Adventure Tours in Vallarta, Even for the Laid Back”

Deals and Other Stuff in Puerto Vallarta

Painting of Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta offers many types of deals to the eclectic traveler looking to experience a bit of everything.  A deal is more than just a cheap hotel or an all-inclusive package.  It is a reasonable investment in an activity or destination that brings pure enjoyment in the moment and a lifetime of good memories after you return home.

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Deals

If you want to save your money for fun, you can find hotel rooms for as low as $76.00 per night. Prices vary per season and are subject to change week by week.  Check with an agent to see what the best rates are in the Hotel Zone or the Marina Area.

Continue reading “Deals and Other Stuff in Puerto Vallarta”

How to Get Cheap Tickets to Any Event In Puerto Vallarta

Towering Sierra Madre mountains overlook the sparkling depths of the Pacific Ocean.Puente Colomitos footbridge

From simple cobblestone streets to the sophisticated grand hotels, Puerto Vallarta is a place that offers each visitor their own ideal vacation blend of relaxation, exhilaration, and tranquility.

Puerto Vallarta boasts 3 modern and sophisticated marinas, and for those who like Golf we have 7 championship golf courses. You can feel secure in the knowledge that Puerto Vallarta also hosts a level III hospital.

No matter your particular preferences or indulgences, there’s a part of Vallarta that’s just right for you and your personal vacation… Continue reading “How to Get Cheap Tickets to Any Event In Puerto Vallarta”

How to Negotiate with Mexicans


In negotiating for real estate or any other arrangement in Mexico you will find that the Latin side, using more formal courtesy and manners, can be so charming as to disarm your side in the negotiation.

You should use the first meetings in the negotiations to learn and judge the character and personality of the people involved. It is also important to learn to adjust and be compatible with the way business is done in Mexico. Taking the time to learn this information will be of great help later.

Good negotiators want to know the names and titles of their opponents. They also want to know about the other side’s business or personal backgrounds.Negotiation Cartoon

There is a hierarchy of power in the group to be used to one’s psychological advantage. The less senior members of the team arrive to do the set up and opening remarks or discussion. The powerful member of the team will make an appearance or speak later.

The beginning of the meeting will involve a period of casual conversation and keen observation. To rush this part of the process will be negative to the other side, even considered rude. Continue reading “How to Negotiate with Mexicans”

Florida a Bust?

People who usually travel to Florida are being prodded to step outside their comfort zone.

This year, the oil spill disaster along with a predicted big hurricane season has made Florida a mess-in-the-making. Vacationers and travelers are already canceling plans and looking elsewhere.

Destinations with thousands of American residents, like Puerto Vallarta, suddenly seem less foreign to the typical Florida lover.

Vallarta is Less Foreign — Most People Speak English

In my experience, in any place relevant to a visitor, more than half the people speak enough English to helpfully answer a simple question. Even outside tourist areas, it’s easy to find your way. People are friendly, signs abound, and the bay or mountains are always in view.

Crime is non-existent. In any place relevant to a visitor, you’ll see white-clad cops. They are there for helping visitors like you. Also, drug wars are hundreds of miles away. As a result of these and other things, there are no criminals for you to worry about. You’re safer here than any Florida city.

Instead of putting all of Mexico into the same pot, this year Americans are looking at how good certain destinations truly are.

Puerto Vallarta is always near the top of every “best-place-to-visit” list.

Instead of putting all of Mexico into the same pot, this year Americans are looking at how good certain destinations truly are. Vallarta has it all.Nuevo Vallarta Pool at the Beach

  • Every activity except snow is here. Whatever you want to do, it’s done here.
  • People are clean and vibrant. Food, music, drink, play, relax.
  • This is a fun, friendly city located in the perfect tropical beach, jungle, and mountain setting.
  • The climate here is much better than Florida’s heavy mugginess. This time of year (off-season) it’s more humid, but still much cooler than Florida.
  • Health care is abundant. Doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals are cheap and state-of-the-art.
  • Costs are low. Flights are cheap. Dollars buy a lot. Americans live better for less money than they can in the States.

Very often, I run into deals that will reimburse flights, give you a luxurious room for 3 nights, along with gourmet meals, liquor, tickets to events and activities, and more. But not every deal is for everybody so I try to hook up visitors to the best for their desires.

Can’t Go to Florida? Take Advantage of the Off-Season in Vallarta

This is the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta. During the off season, rooms are empty and prices are low. Natives are cutting deals.

If you like it quiet and relaxing, or you like it active and healthy, you’ll enjoy the best vacation of your life without too much foreign-ness. Or delve into native life on a pirate adventure.

Click on Contact for more details about how you enjoy the perfect vacation for you! And learn more about incredible deals.