Shopping The Isla Rio Cuale in Puerto Vallarta

The famous Isla Rio Cuale market in Puerto Vallarta is a great place to practice your bartering skills while shopping.  

The Isla Cuale is located on a small piece of land on the Rio Cuale (river)that lies under the two bridges that join Centro Vallarta and Viejo Vallarta and most of the vendors in the market will barter with you and come down from their original asking price.

Here you will find many different vendors selling all kinds of art, jewelry, clothing and souvenirs. Even if you are not looking to buy anything Isla Rio Cuale is a landmark place to visit on your vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Besides getting a close up view of the incredible trees and vegetation that provide a blanket of shade down here, you will also come across two swinging suspension bridges that pass over the Rio Cuale connecting the two markets. 

Many locals and tourists walk these suspension bridges daily, but please be careful and do so at your own risk.

Author: Dora

A long time resident and sun worshiper Dora shares her love for Puerto Vallarta on her dedicated website so that others may experience the same passion for this paradise she calls home.

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