Neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto-Vallarta-aerialPuerto Vallarta comprises numerous neighborhoods, called colonias. Notable neighborhoods include (from South to North):

  • Res. Conchas Chinas – on the hillsides Southeast from Los Muertos beach
  • Col. Alta Vista
  • Col. Emiliano Zapata – South of the Cuale (called Zona Romantica or “Old Town” in tourist brochures)
  • Cols. Caloso and Canoas – east of Col. Emiliano Zapata and up the Rio Cuale.
  • Col. Centro – the oldest section of town and its current center – North of the Cuale river to Parque Hidalgo
  • Col. 5 Diciembre – just north of El Centro, and with Col. Zapata, among the first neighborhoods beyond El Centro to be developed
  • Col. Lázaro Cardenas – which houses a large recreation complex and the city’s largest fish market – Parque Hidalgo to the Libramiento
  • Col. Versalles – the old Zona Rosa, prior to the development of the North Hotel Zone
  • Cols. Bugambillas and Ramblases – located on the NW slopes of the hills east of the city and relatively poor areas serviced mostly by dirt roads except for the hillside areas which have good views and thus attract residents with more resources
  • Del. Pitillal – once a small town and now a populous neighborhood, a separate delegación but now part of the City of Puerto Vallarta proper
  • Col. Bobadilla – just north of Pitillal and also an important residential area

The city also includes numerous fraccionamientos, densely built residential blocks that provide affordable housing for the city’s workforce.

Additionally the municipality of Puerto Vallarta comprises a few other significant population centers (from South to North):

  • Boca de Tomatlán (pop. 570)
  • Mismaloya (pop. 970)
  • Las Juntas
  • Ixtapa (pop. 25,700) including Banus
  • La Desembocada
  • El Ranchito (El Colesio)
  • El Colorado
  • Las Palmas de Arriba

Maps of Puerto Vallarta neighborhoods

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