Delicious Fruity Mexican Beverages

You can get a Coke in Puerto Vallarta, everywhere, but you probably won’t want to — not when you can instead have the drinks the locals have perfected using the freshest tropical fruits.

One of my great early PV discoveries was agua fresca, literally fresh water, which is refreshing, delicious, healthful, and inexpensive. The traditional way to make agua fresca is to mash seasonal fruit with a fork and then add it to water along with a natural sweetener. Your restaurant will probably make it with a blender; it’s served by the pitcher, very cold, but usually not over ice — but you can always get glasses of ice to pour it over if you like.

(Businesses in Puerto Vallarta understand that tourists are the reason their businesses exist, and almost all owners and employees genuinely want you to get what you want. A restaurant owner will go to the restaurant down the block to get you what you need, if necessary.)

My Favorite!

Agua de sandia, made with watermelon, is so refreshing you’ll wonder what you were thinking with American-style sodas.

Limonada is available everywhere, but it’s limeade, not lemonade. It’s hard to find lemons in Puerto Vallarta, but limes are plentiful and cheap, and your tastebuds are not going to know whether they’re enjoying limeade or lemonade; they’re going to think it’s fresh and fabulous.

Cold fresh-squeezed orange juice is available almost everywhere, and very affordably. Puerto Vallarta is a tropical paradise where groves of mangoes and orchards of papayas thrive, where bananas and figs grow along city streets. If you’re into tropical fruits, you can find a dozen interesting drinks made from each kind — fresh and at a fraction of the price you would pay in most places.

How does a Virgin Pomegranate Sangria sound? A round of Pineapple Coconut Slushes for you and your friends? Or maybe a Mango Piña Smoothie, or two? With Puerto Vallarta’s bounty of fresh fruits and coconut, you could never run out of options for interesting drink combinations to try. And that’s without even adding alcohol — a favorite Puerto Vallarta pastime!

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