Paso Ancho, 1/1 ~ $200 a month

This 1 Bedroom apartment is located in Paso Ancho, Puerto Vallarta.

Available for long term rentals only, minimun 6 months.

Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains and close the Cuale River, Paso Ancho is conveniently located only 15 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta and the Los Muertos beach by bus.

Great place for those that like to experience the “real” authentic Mexico.

Rate: $2000 pesos per month, unfurnished, no utilities included. Or pay 1 year up-front and get 1 month free.

3 thoughts on “Paso Ancho, 1/1 ~ $200 a month”

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  2. Is this rental available on May 6?? I’m searching for a place to rent for 6 months. Could you please provide me the address of the place to inquire when I arrive on May 6. Thank you. Mercedez

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