How I Escaped from the U.S. Grind

Flying ParrotLots of people from the states ask me how I got here. They want to know how to escape from the grind they’re in.

I moved to Puerto Vallarta to escape the U.S. culture of too much work for too little reward.

How did I escape and build a new life in Mexico?

First, I got rid of all debt. I began to drive an older vehicle. I stayed away from consumerism. I keep my spending low.

Second, I moved here without knowing whether or not I could make a living. I took a risk.

Third, I found many ways to make a living in Mexico. I tried several things before landing on the real money makers.

There are ways to get rid of debt. You could pay off or you can walk away. Nowadays more people especially seniors are finding ways to walk away from debt.

Mexico and especially Puerto Vallarta offer many more opportunities than you can find to the north. While jobs pay poorly, I work on things that pay better. I don’t compete with typical Mexicans.

Mexico is predicted to do very well in the coming years. What with oil and good banking, Mexico is going to be a great value and place to live.

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  1. I am interested in the many ways you have come up with to make a living other than real estate related industries ? I am canadian and need to leave the winters. Your thoughts are appreciated.LR

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