Talavera Tile in Puerto Vallarta

One of the things I like about Mexico is its copious use of beautiful tile, often handmade.

The Talavera tiles from the city of Puebla, which are distinguished by their milky-white glaze, are justifiably famous around the world —  and like champagne from France, tile can only be called Talavera if it’s from Puebla.

But several years ago a Puerto Vallarta tile merchant had a problem with his Puebla suppliers being unable to get enough tile to fill his orders — so he spent much time and work recreating “Talavera” pottery closer to home.

Now, in his Vallarta store, you can find a great selection of the most gorgeous, high-quality tiles and other ceramics — including Talavera-style — in the quantities you need.

Mundo del Azulejos (Tile World) has been, for 20 years, the family enterprise of Señor Benigno Ibarra Castañeda. He has trained a new generation in the ancient Talavera processes, from the makers of the blank tiles (in the Valle Nayarit) to the glazers and artisans who decorate them (in Puerto Vallarta).

In addition to tiles, you’ll find Talavera-style sinks, serving platters, dishes, wall murals, house numbers, and more. You can shop online but prices are confusing, variously in pesos and dollars.

Why not visit Sr. Castañeda’s store in person at Venustiano Carranza 374, Col. Emiliano Zapata? If you’re like me, you’ll want to take with you only as much money as you can afford to spend, because everything’s way too attractive….

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