How To Clean Your Mexican Produce

Microdyn- a great product for cleaning fruits and vegetables in Mexico

It’s your first time to Mexico and you are keen to start cooking with all the wonderful tropical produce that is readily available in Puerto Vallarta.
Either you went to one of the big Super Mercados or found one of the many amazing markets where the produce comes from local farms.

Now you are wondering how to clean those delicious Mexican fruits and vegetables.

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Comida Corrida, A Mexican Meal

Puerto Vallarta has thousands of restaurants to choose from and if you are ready to try some authentic Mexican food then keep your eyes open for a sign similar to the one in this picture. I know this is not the prettiest picture, but I used it here so you will know what to look for!

There are lots of Mexican style restaurants that serve comida corrida in and around Puerto Vallarta where you can get a great meal for cheap. The prices seen here are in pesos so, this meal cost a little over 4 US $.

Comida corrida is basically an all inclusive meal that includes a soup of the day, a main dish served with rice, beans and tortillas, and an agua of the day (fruit juice) for a set price. Some comida corridas also include a dessert and have a selection of two or three main dishes to choose from. Continue reading “Comida Corrida, A Mexican Meal”

Seafood Shanties by the Seashore

Meaning tortillas, a local waiter asked me if I wanted Mexican silverware.

Street stand food is a collection of clever little self-contained bundles ready to eat with your fingers.

Besides different types of food and eating utensils, people are mostly the same about taste and cleanliness when it comes to food. That’s why I pick a street stand where other people are eating. The locals know what’s good, clean, tasty, and safe. Continue reading “Seafood Shanties by the Seashore”

Mexican Recipe for Lemonade / Limeade Tastier and Easier

We were having a running debate about whether or not there are actual lemons in Puerto Vallarta but then yesterday I found actual lemons in a bar. I don’t go for mixed drinks so I did not know lemons are required to make margueritas, which is why we found lemons in a bar servicing Gringos.

In general, Mexicans don’t seem to know much about lemons, only limes. And they call limes limons. Yellow limes. Limons amarillo. Continue reading “Mexican Recipe for Lemonade / Limeade Tastier and Easier”

Food and Juice Essentials in Puerto Vallarta

Lovers of  great food will find in Puerto Vallarta a great variety of fresh food daily along with a wide variety of cooking options of all types of Mexican antojitos, and delights from the sea.

From pieces of fish in a skewer, dogfish, marlín or shrimp; the traditional dishes of marinated raw fish of mojarra or squid, the meatballs of fish, the delicious shrimps to the tequila and the pumpkin sauce shrimps or the egg of carp, examples of the excellent cuisine of Puerto Vallarta, “where Mexico receives vida“. Continue reading “Food and Juice Essentials in Puerto Vallarta”

Flourless Corn Flan, Flourless Aztec Chocolate Cake

It’s hard to find tasty baked goods made without flour — so I was delighted to discover Maria Reyes’ delicious treats at the Puerto Vallarta Old Town Farmers’ Market (where vendors must make or grow their products).

For only 30 pesos, you can get Maria’s flourless corn flan, made with corn picked fresh from the garden that morning. It melts in your mouth in a way that will leave you wanting more Continue reading “Flourless Corn Flan, Flourless Aztec Chocolate Cake”

Taco Stand in Paradise — Deliciousness in Puerto Vallarta

How’s this for a taco stand in paradise? 10 pesos, and the view of all of Banderas Bay is free.

I pass this popular taquería on my walk to and from town — actually, I don’t pass it so often as I stop and buy something delicious to eat. It’s close to the beach, really — just straight up. (See my pointers below about how to get here quickly and easily.)

You can choose from flour or fresh-pressed corn tortillas to build tacos or quesadillas (heated, with cheese), or get a torta — a sandwich on a bread roll. Tacos are 10 pesos (80 cents), quesadillas are 15, not sure about the tortas, but I am sure they’re a good value. Continue reading “Taco Stand in Paradise — Deliciousness in Puerto Vallarta”

Enjoy Tasty Mexican Silverware

You’ll have plenty of opportunities in Puerto Vallarta for the kind of dining that requires you to know which fork is which — but much of the time, you can sit back, relax, and use Mexican silverware.


Whether corn (tortilla de maíz) or flour (tortilla de harina or tortilla de trigo), these “little cakes” are everywhere, replacing yeasted breads, rolls, and, yes, silverware.

You’ll find tortillas in your burritos, chalupas, chilaquiles (crispy fried tortilla quarters simmered in salsa, topped with cheese and Continue reading “Enjoy Tasty Mexican Silverware”

Old Town and Puerto Vallarta

Voted the friendliest place on earth, Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by incredible beaches and jungles loaded with wildlife. The area, like much of Mexico, is both quaint and vibrant with cobblestone streets, charm, and local fiestas. We try it all, from people- to whale-watching, from local authentic Mexican dishes to world renowned gourmet, from shopping to ziplines. Then we pass on our experiences to you.

Authentic Mexican Food Delicious at Vallarta’s Café de Olla

One way to find the best “Comida Mexicana” (authentic Mexican food) is to go where local families go.

It seems as if Café de Olla in Puerto Vallarta is always stuffed with Mexican families and tourists alike, all really enjoying their food and “delightfully stiff” drinks. And this has been going on for years, so you know it’s a solid, well-run place. I’ve always found the service gracious, and the food has always surpassed my high expectations. Continue reading “Authentic Mexican Food Delicious at Vallarta’s Café de Olla”

Adventure Tours in Vallarta, Even for the Laid Back

I always thought of Puerto Vallarta as a place to walk on the beach, get a massage, eat gourmet food — that’s my idea of a vacation.

So I was surprised to discover that Vallarta is a huge adventure-tour mecca, immensely attractive to people whose idea of fun is rappeling up waterfalls and zooming through jungle tree-tops on zip lines.

But there are also adventure tours that consist of sitting on the boat with a piña colada or three while the captain shows you ecological wonders — you don’t have to jump in the water with fins and snorkel unless it’s starting to look like fun by that point…. Continue reading “Adventure Tours in Vallarta, Even for the Laid Back”

Shopping Heaven in Puerto Vallarta

Due to the US media reports that incorrectly suggest vacationing in Mexico is dangerous, Vallarta has somewhat fewer tourists this season than usual — which translates into less congestion for you, and merchants more eager for your business.

There are half a dozen malls on the airport road north from Old Vallarta, and they have plenty to recommend them, if you have the time and don’t mind paying list price (often high).

The Galleria, for instance, is situated right on the Marina, so even if you just want to munch something inexpensive and delicious on the food court terrace, you’ll be enjoying fresh ocean breezes and a million-dollar view. Continue reading “Shopping Heaven in Puerto Vallarta”

Traditional Candy Treats in Puerto Vallarta

A "Day of the Dead" Candy Skull Coated in Amaranth

Candy stores in Puerto Vallarta can be luscious upscale confections like the shop Xocodiva, at Calle Rodolfo Gómez 111, specializing in truffles (lime or coconut anyone?) and molded chocolates (including Santas and Day of the Dead skulls at appropriate times of year).

But the Vallarta candy stores that you’ll probably find most fun are the traditional, neighborhood ones, which will usually be located on commercial streets like Constitución, and selling things you’ll have no clue what they are. The cartoony characters on some of the packaging is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Pick out a few sweets that look interesting and then see what you’ve gotten yourself into! Chili pepper and sweet-and-sour are popular flavors. Cactus, tamarind, and things that are not in my Spanish dictionary are frequent ingredients. I really enjoy the coconut rolls, like the freshly made inside of a Mounds bar. You can get these in every size from tiny to clan-size. Continue reading “Traditional Candy Treats in Puerto Vallarta”

Food Stands on the Street —
The Good, the Bad, and the Worthy

Eventually, you’ll want to try Vallarta food from a sidewalk stand. There’s everything imaginable, from shrimp takos to native candy to hot dogs wrapped in bacon to entire meals.

Street Fruit StandIn Vallarta, most stands are clean. However, I watch for a few minutes to see if the person handling food is handling money and other things to make sure it’s clean enough for me.

Worthy: One of the best stands for a meal is near the corner of Olas Altas and Rodriguez, in front of the Chinese Restaurant. Their sign says they’ve been in business since 1981 and it’s run by clean young men who take pride in their cooking.

You’ll have to sit in their sidewalk lawn chairs or do like a friend of mine does and take it home.

Worthy: It’s not a food stand officially but I try to sit at a sidewalk table when I go there. I stopped counting how many times I’ve eaten at Takos Pancho’s. It’s about one and a half blocks from the beach on Basilio Badillo.

For an authentic treat, try the al pastore tako with a variety of sauces and lime. Continue reading “Food Stands on the Street —
The Good, the Bad, and the Worthy”

Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta

Not to be missed, the 16th annual Festival Gourmet International is taking place in Puerto Vallarta, November 11–21, 2010. The Festival kicks off on the evening of the 11th, with a “World Fest Gourmet Party: A grand welcome for all the Chefs from around the world, in a stunning setting, with Gourmet Tapas from the 5 continents, in addition to selected wines and Tequilas.

Plus an orchestra, a DJ, dancing, all capped by fabulous fireworks! Hosted at Villa La Estancia Beach Resort & Spa Nuevo Vallarta, $120 USD. Sign me up! Continue reading “Festival Gourmet International in Puerto Vallarta”