DoritaDora is a Canadian writer who has had the pleasure of calling Puerto Vallarta home for over fifteen years.

She first fell in love with Puerto Vallarta on a family vacation at the young age of twelve and decided right there and then that when she grew up she wanted to live in Puerto Vallarta.

Dora now considers herself a Mexi-Can (Mexican + Canadian) and is known by the locals as a “patasalada”. A patasalada is a Spanish word for someone who is not from the area, but has been around long enough they are considered local. Her Mexican amigos call her Dorita, which translates to “little Dora”, and she wears this name with pride.

Dora has a lot of knowledge backed by her time and experiences living in Vallarta. She proudly shares her thoughts and opinions by combining her two passions, Puerto Vallarta and writing, so that you too may fall in love with all this paradise has to offer. She welcomes your comments at Dora@OldVallarta.com

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Rick is an American writer who lives in and explores Puerto Vallarta to write about distinctive real estate and interesting things to do.

Many people want listings, so he features residential, commercial, and land listings, along with information on just about everything.

In his former lives, Rick has worked Fortune 100 gigs as national marketing director, international agent, financial manager, and more, after earning a B.A. in International Studies. He has lived all around the Americas and has made Puerto Vallarta his home.

Rick creates, writes, and markets web sites through SEO, SMM, linking, news releases, and analytics. Several of his sites have earned top-ten rankings at Google and Yahoo. His photography and writing have been featured in many publications including National Wildlife and Ranger Rick.

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Roger moved to Puerto Vallarta in 2005 and worked in Real Estate, Rentals and Property Management with PVRPV and Neptune Realtors for 7 years.

He is now an independent agent with access to property listings from many of the big name agencies in Puerto Vallarta and is ready to help you find the best place to suit your needs and desires.

Roger is fluent in French, English and Spanish and he offers impartial advice to those interested in investing in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate or Businesses or looking for long and short term Rentals or Property Management Services.

Venturing into a foreign market like Mexico can be extremely challenging on your own and that’s where Rogers years of experience in the Puerto Vallarta Real Estate market comes in!

Let us do the legwork, research and analysis on your behalf. Whether you want to acquire a condo, house or villa, start a business, rent a vacation property or build a house in Puerto Vallarta or neighboring Riviera Nayarit, talk to us first.

We will help you find the right place for YOU! For more information contact Roger@OldVallarta.com


How to Market Your Property

“We use marketing know-how when we help someone sell or rent out a property,” explains our Puerto Vallarta-based real estate writer.

Proven methods to attract more buyers and renters to your property include:

Blog. We find distinctive properties and write about them. There’s no better way to attract buyers than an interesting series of articles to the right audience.

SEO, SMM, backlinks. Keywords, posts on Craigslist, Facebook, and OldVallarta.com to name just a fraction. (see below for details)

Multi-Listing Service (MLS) and traditional marketing such as color flyers of your property. (see below for details)

Our marketing approach gives owners an advantage. “I think there are agents who just sell,” Rick explains. “I don’t sell. For me, it is my job to market in order to attract qualified buyers to my client’s property, to buy it.”

That means listening to what owners tell us, and, based on that, offering options they may not have considered.

“I had an owner who wanted to get the best price but he was frustrated with results so far. Then, I evaluated the situation, and the owner became much more animated.”

“This is really terrific,” Rick said. “It was obvious he could get the price he was looking for, but had to properly market the property,” he says.

Marketing Checklist

  • Hundreds of people visit our blog every day
  • Place your listing in the Multi-Listing Service (MLS)
  • Feature your listing on OldVallarta.com (#2 Yahoo, #5 Google)
  • YouTube and gallery images
  • Write descriptive listing with keywords
  • Place ad listings on Craigslist, local and international
  • Write and distribute press or news release
  • Write review in StumbeUpon
  • Tweet on Twitter, share on Facebook
  • Submit to vertical directories
  • Leave comments with backlink to MLS
  • Post full-size listing on forums
  • Submit to blog carnivals
  • Trackback other sites, put backlinks in resource box
  • Meet with other realtors to promote your property
  • Print and distribute exclusive color flyer of your property

Contact us at   322-181-6865

If the line is busy, please call back or write to info@OldVallarta.com.

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