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There is no fee to buyers or renters. Free posting for most properties. I am a writer and marketing specialists so typical commission sharing fees with the Seller apply at close.

What makes an “interesting” property?

We feature interesting ,properties that are nice, clean, and well-located. Interesting properties might include romantic locations, exotic retreats, cheap houses, and many more.

Interesting history
Unusual or desirable location
Unique internal features
Interesting external features
Unusual use of space

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Our Hit Counter Results is top on Yahoo and Google. Not only is OldVallarta at the top of search engines, but it also gets hundreds of hits every day from referral sites and direct traffic as a result of our Social Media Marketing (SMM), advertising, and backlinks.

Total hits: 1,705,394 (as of Jan, 18, 2018)

      Referring Sites 59%

Search Engines 26%

Direct Traffic 15%

As you can see from the numbers, you can get very visible with one of our services.

Real Estate Marketing Services

We are writers and marketing specialists who help you find buyers. Interesting properties get our special attention. We work with specialists on the street who understand pocket listings. Be sure to contact us with your requirements.

We spend our time and energy putting the word out about each property. See below for our marketing checklist.

Marketing Checklist got to the top by using the list of marketing tasks that you see below. You’re welcome to use the list for yourself or you can let us do it for you. Includes the following:

√ Write descriptive listing with keywords

√ Register Google, Yahoo, and more

√ Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon

√ Place your listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

√ Feature your listing on

√ Place ad listings on Craigslist, local and international

√ YouTube, Cincopa, and gallery images

√ Leave comments with backlinks

√ Post full-size listing  with backlinks on forums

√ Submit to vertical directories

√ Submit to blog carnivals

√ Trackback other sites, put backlinks in resource box

√ Blast other realtors to promote

√ Enter keywords and descriptions into every photo, footnote, and other

√ Use Google Analytics to manipulate and track progress

You can buy into our marketing and get results. We get a lot of traffic, more than any one else.

We offer two fee structures to make it easy for you:

Percentage Fees

Our “percentage” fee for connecting you up with someone who then buys through you is one half of the commission based on the selling price. That means the typical 8% is split with receiving half or 4% payable at closing.

Flat Fees

Instead of typical fees paid at closing, you can chose to pay a flat fee for our services.

All “flat” fees are plus 1% of the selling price of the property payable at closing.

All of the above Marketing Checklist items are included in our Standard Plan pricing: $395 upfront to start, $395 setup fee upon completion, and then $395 per month.

Add the following to the above for even greater visibility and traffic. Want buyers? Invest in our Deluxe Plan.

√ Write and post a series of interesting articles about it (blog)

√ Write and distribute news releases

√ Post classified ads in Mano a Mano

Deluxe Plan pricing: $595 upfront to start, $595 setup fee upon completion, and then $595 per month.

Guaranteed satisfaction on all marketing services.

Feature Your Listings Fees

Feature your property for sale: $50 a month or $400 a year. Includes article, full description, and photos posted on

Advertisement Fees

Want to advertise your business to our growing audience? Our rates are $350 per post, which includes a write up and photo of your business on and submitted to Linked In, Stumble Upon, Facebook and Twitter.

Contact me right away to find out how we can get you very visible.

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