Terms and Conditions

Resort developers extend special promotional vacation packages for you as a qualified participant, and in appreciation of your time. Other than the 90-minute resort presentation, there is no other obligation.

The resort presentation is designed to be fun and informative and generally includes a tour of the resort property & amenities.

Your accommodations will be at a top ranked 5-star resort, which is also the location for your 90-minute resort sales presentation. A link to map and directions will be provided in an email confirmation that will be sent to you upon scheduling a visit.

  • Attend and complete a courteous 90-minute resort sales presentation.
  • One of the participants must be at least 30 years of age and both of the participants must be fluent in English without the help of an interpreter.
  • Participants must be gainfully employed full-time or retired and have a combined household income of at least $50,000 USD per year.
  • Two forms of identification are required for check-in and the presentation: Valid driver’s license, state issued ID card or Passport AND a valid major credit card that is accepted internationally (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). A check/debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo is NOT a major credit card and a Discover Card is also NOT accepted.
  • Participants must be married and both partners must attend the sales presentation together.
  • Must be a citizen OR permanent resident of the United States or Canada.
  • Presentation takes place on the day after arrival. Package gifts are received after successfully completing the presentation.
  • This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other promotional timeshare offer or for use with another vacation ownership week.
  • Travel agents, airline, hospitality, or vacation ownership industry employees are excluded from this offer.
  • Participants are not eligible with a resort if they have toured that resort within 12 months of tour date or if they have toured more than twice with one resort in the area in the last 4 years.
  • The resort sales presentation will take place on a day during the vacation stay (except day of arrival and day of departure). Participants must have a minimum of three (3) hours from the start of the presentation to the start of any scheduled activity.
  • Up to two promotional packages per family, group or friends vacationing with same, similar or adjoining arrival and departure dates. Extra rooms may be available for family and friends at a discounted rate, however, only up to two parties will receive the discounted package price. If two parties are taking advantage of the package price, both parties must be qualified participants and attend the sales presentation together.
  • OldVallarta.com holds no discretion over the eligibility requirements for participation in the resort preview. The resort developer has set the eligibility requirements forth. If OldVallarta.com believes that the eligibility requirements for participation are not being met, we reserve the right to cancel any visit before the arrival date.
  • OldVallarta.com is not responsible for any purchases made for your vacation outside of the purchased package, this includes but is not limited to: airfare, transportation, park or event tickets, guided tours, etc. Any questions please contact Rick@OldVallarta.com
  • In the event the resort developer informs OldVallarta.com that your selected travel dates or accommodations have become unavailable, OldVallarta.com reserves the right to offer substitute accommodations of equal or greater value if available.

All-Inclusive Packages Only

Children between the ages of 13 and 17 will be charged $99 per night at the time of booking. Additional Adults will be charged $129 per night at the time of booking.

Additional Notes

In the event OldVallarta.com is not informed of additional guest(s) that will be traveling, the additional guest(s) will be charged by the resort upon arrival and will not receive the additional guest promotional rate offered by OldVallarta.com.

Failure to meet the aforementioned qualifications or attend the sales presentation will result in a charge back of $100 per night plus the cost of the package price.

Cancellation and Re-scheduling Policy

Rescheduling Your Visit: We know plans change. Sometimes an emergency arises and other times, you just end up needing a more convenient date than the one you originally chose. That’s why OldVallarta.com offers a flexible rescheduling policy. 

As long as you call us at least 3 days before your arrival date, we can reschedule your vacation.

To reschedule, call us in Puerto Vallarta at (322) 133-2429, or email Rick@OldVallarta.com.

If calling after office hours or emailing, please make sure to include:

• your name
• your reservation number
• the original date of arrival and departure
• your new date of arrival and departure

Canceling Your Visit: OldVallarta.com also understands that on occasion, you can’t reschedule your trip and must cancel instead. You can do this at with no fees from OldVallarta.com. If you cancel your trip without adequate notice, the resort may apply fees over which OldVallarta.com has no control.

We can process cancellations by phone at (322) 133-2429 in Puerto Vallarta or email Rick@OldVallarta.com.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Resorts will give no refunds or gifts for no-shows, early checkouts or unused nights.

Happy Vacationing!

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