How To Clean Your Mexican Produce

Microdyn- a great product for cleaning fruits and vegetables in Mexico

It’s your first time to Mexico and you are keen to start cooking with all the wonderful tropical produce that is readily available in Puerto Vallarta.
Either you went to one of the big Super Mercados or found one of the many amazing markets where the produce comes from local farms.

Now you are wondering how to clean those delicious Mexican fruits and vegetables.

Ready to use veggies
Ready to use veggies

There are several products that can be found anywhere veggies are sold. One of these is called Microdyn as seen in the picture above.

Microdyn comes in different sizes and can be recognized by its dark blue bottle with a white or snazzy gold lid. It’s really easy to use just follow the directions on the label!

An alternate natural method is Apple Cider Vinegar. Simply dilute 4 Tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to a gallon of water or 1Tbsp per cup of water and soak your vegetables for five minutes. While soaking, stir frequently. Agitation is the key to removing dirt and bacteria. Finally, drain and air dry those veggies completely before storing.

Delicious Mexican limes
Delicious Mexican limes

Additionally, to save time, clean your fruits and vegetables as soon as you return from shopping so they are ready to use. If you have a lot of produce you can do this right in the kitchen sink.

Also, our world famous Mexican limes have natural anti-bacterial agents. When you drink your margarita or dive into that delicious Taco, give them both an extra squeeze of lime!


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