Low Season In Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa
Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa

High season and Low season are the two seasons that we experience here in Puerto Vallarta! Although in the past few years the low season is getting less drastic than it was many years ago. The low season here is a slow down of tourists visiting and this usually starts to happen after Semana Santa (Easter Break) and then begins to pick back up sometime in October.

I can remember ten years ago when low season was here everyone knew it and felt it, and many businesses would close their doors for three months which left our paradise feeling like a ghost town. Thankfully our low seasons are not that low anymore!

During the summer months we get a lot more National tourists that come to play and vacation here in our beach town. Kids are out of school and Puerto Vallarta offers a summer playground for the Nationals that live inland and want to spend time at the beach. 

There has also been a noticeable increase in tourist from USA, Canada and Europe during this time (low Season) and I believe that this is a reflection of the deals you can find during this time of year. For example many flights are extremely reduced during the low seasons and many accommodations, hotels, villas, condos etc can be half the price that you would pay during the high season. Another benefit visiting Puerto Vallarta during the low season is less people. If you are uncomfortable in crowds and prefer to experience Mexico more like a local than this would be a great time for your visit!

Aside from the great deals and savings you will find here we also experience the Rainy season from mid June through October. During this time it is extremely hot and humid here Puerto Vallarta. However, we still enjoy many beautiful sunny days with blue skies, but like clock work the dark clouds roll in around sunset and the thunder starts to roar. This is when I would head for a covered patio over looking the ocean and get ready to watch some of natures best performances.

The lightning strikes in multiple locations across the ocean, and into the ocean and is an absolutely incredible sight. The thunder here is loud enough to wake you out of a dead sleep and can sound like a cracking whip  right beside your ear.  These tropical storms are stunning to experience and then almost as quickly as they sneak in they are on the way out making way for another clear blue sky day.





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