Nautica La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Condos – Starting at $142,000

Nautica de Cruz 01The tree and the sea came together in a corner of the bay to give birth to a legend that now makes room for the development of an impressive touristic project that represents an investment of over fifty million dollars.

Originally a fishing village, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle on Riviera Nayarit’s coastline, bathed by the calm sea of the Bahía de Banderas, is located twenty minutes north of Puerto Vallarta’s international airport. In this picturesque town of cobble-stone streets, the ocean breeze is present 365 days-a-year.

Today, like all the towns seated along the coastline of Bahía de Banderas and the Riviera Nayarit; La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is considered an attractive destination with tourism as its predominant economic activity, while it grows in its development, placed now it in the real estate chart of the region, a daring and most attractive real estate proposal. Continue reading “Nautica La Cruz de Huanacaxtle Condos – Starting at $142,000”

Ranchito Altavista Lot, Guayabitos – $39,000

Ranchito AltavistaRare Opportunity To Build Your Dream Villa On A Financially Accessible, Large Ocean-View Lot.

Located In A Genuine Mexican Neighborhood That Without A Doubt Offers Very Peaceful Setting.

Only 15 Minutes To The Beach, Alta Vista Is Small Well Kept And Charming Town Charm With Adobe Houses And Some 800 Residents.

Grab This One Before Someone Else Does! Continue reading “Ranchito Altavista Lot, Guayabitos – $39,000”

Puerta al Mar Condos, El Centro – Starting at $576,000

Puerta al MarJust completed in 2009, located on Camarones Beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta and just steps away from the Malecon.

This botique beach front Mexican style building offers a total of eight units. Six two-bedroom two-and-a-half bath units and two penthouse three-bedroom and one half bath multi-story units with roof top decks. Continue reading “Puerta al Mar Condos, El Centro – Starting at $576,000”

Looking for a Pirate Adventure?

PirateLiving here, I have learned who of the pesky time-share resort salesmen are actually goldmines. I’ve learned who to trust and who knows what. These masterful few I call “Pirates”. (They are simply salesmen who are independent, so they can take profit at any resort or hotel.)

In Mexico, it’s who you know:

A Pirate knows the ropes and can guide your journey. Finding the right connections in Mexico is critical. For the greatest adventure, the perfect wedding, or so that you pocket hundreds of dollars along side him, your Pirate is there to help.

Your Pirate makes sure you receive the maximum cash, wonderful dinners, tickets to shows and events, bottles of liquor, and much more. All of these gifts are given by luxurious resorts just for attending a gourmet brunch and tour lasting 2 hours. Continue reading “Looking for a Pirate Adventure?”

How Tourists Earn $2,000 a Week Touring 5-Star Resorts

In a news article, Rick Slatton, founder of, points out there is a Mayan vacation adventure where tourists get paid just to eat and listen. “Check out resort tours that pay you hundreds in cash at the end of a gourmet meal and 90 minutes,” he says.

Puerto Vallarta Veranda View
Click to enlarge.

More travelers are getting savvy to resort tours, according to Slatton, and he claims to know the Vallarta insiders who can guide you to the most profitable ones every day. Slatton says tourists are making thousands of dollars, along with huge discounts on some of the best accommodations in the world.

“It’s not magic,” says Slatton, “top resorts want your attention for about 90 minutes and they’ll pay you for it. I know certain resorts will pay you very well.”

Slatton says that savvy travelers get handed lots of cash for attending resort previews. How does it work? He gives this example:

One morning, you and your spouse might get picked up from your hotel in a taxi by your friendly guide, and taken to a gorgeous oceanfront Puerto Vallarta resort (such as the Mayan and Velas resorts); you’ll likely be treated to an amazing breakfast buffet in an oceanview dining room; you’ll be shown some luxuriously appointed vacation suites, maybe taken to the penthouse with its panoramic ocean and jungle view and private swimming pool and jacuzzi. You’ll tour the facilities, the beach, the pools, the gardens, the spa, the gym, and you’ll be told about the varieties of recreation from surfing to golf. You’ll then be subjected to a sales pitch. If you say no enough times, eventually your 90 minutes will be up. Then you can take your cash and your free taxi ride back to your hotel, and enjoy a fabulous afternoon and evening in paradise, richer by perhaps $300.

And then you could do it again the next day. And the next. For quite a while. Tourists are known to be earning $2,000 a week touring 5-star resorts.

(Who knows, maybe you’d even find a timeshare or vacation club you’d want to buy! Some of these are tempting.)

Slatton says that there are some qualifications in order to be accepted for “resort previews,” but they vary. “Married couples with at least one credit card between them are very popular. Married couples who already own a timeshare get the best deals. At least one member of a couple should, generally speaking, be between 30 and 70 years old. Singles with a credit card can do well, also, especially gay men. You can make some money with just a debit card.”

According to Slatton, “Don’t worry, the sales folks will never swipe your card, especially since you’re never going to let it out of your grasp.” He suggests [in the news article] that if this way of making money on Mayan vacation in Puerto Vallarta sounds interesting, you should visit his website  to learn more.

Of course, here on the web site you can simple click Contact to learn more.

How to Get an Absolutely Free Tropical Beach Vacation

This is easy and straightforward.tropical drink and fruit under a palm tree

Hundreds of people do it every day. I’ve done it.

You can do it.

Here’s how:

You arrive in Vallarta and the next morning spend 90 minutes touring the resort where you are staying.

The next morning, you spend 90 minutes touring another luxury resort nearby.

And a third morning, you spend 90 minutes touring a third luxury resort.

That’s it. You’re all done.

The resort where you are staying gave you an incredible deal… which you paid for with U.S. dollars handed to you upon completion of the next tour.

Couples are typically paid $300 at resort tours in Vallarta, so three tours adds up to $900 tax-free cash in your hand. If you go on a tour each morning, you can easily pay for your airline flight, adventure tickets, and gourmet meals.

That equals an absolutely free tropical beach vacation.Yelapa Beach View

What you need:

A major credit card — to show, not use, is all you need. Showing two cards pays even better.

If you’re married, both must attend. Singles are very welcome.

Somebody has to be 30-70 years old.

There are some other minor things. You can see all at Contact.

$299 Is Great but How About Free?

Some of the best resorts in the world are offering incredible deals right now. I’ve seen as low as $299 for three nights at a world-class resort in Puerto Vallarta.

That sounds like a low price. After all, that’s only about a hundred dollars a night for a luxurious suite on the beach.

Grand Mayan
Pays big cash bonus to you for tour.

There are much better deals available if you just know a little and you have a connection.

It’s who you know…

I am an American who works in the local scene in Puerto Vallarta and writes about Old Town. I’ve learned who’s who on the street and in the lobbies of the finest resorts in the area.

I hear about the prizes, cash, and gifts offered at various resorts every day in the area.

And I like to help Americans and Canadians take advantage of these rewards.

Contact me to learn how you can get paid lots of cash just to tour a resort.

How I Got Paid *Hundreds of Dollars* Just to Eat and Listen

When I first arrived in Puerto Vallarta, an airport salesman offered us a room in a 5-star hotel for free.

Money Tree

Little did I know that much more than a night was available!

Within the week we had pocketed almost a thousand dollars, eaten great meals, and explored the area simply by attending three of these “presentations”, and more was to follow.

By the end of the month, our entire extended vacation was paid for and we were way ahead.

I’m no expert on time-shares and vacation clubs and I’m certainly not a buyer. However, this deal is easy to understand. I go, I eat, I tour, I listen for about two hours… then they pay me hundreds of dollars in cash and a free cab.

Luxury Resorts Give Free Nights and Hundreds in Cash Right Now!

During my tours, I paid attention, learned, and connected with sources who can help you get free nights in luxury resorts and take home extra cash!

I’ll be happy to share how you can get the very most out of this situation while you’re in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t miss this fun opportunity.

Click on Contact to find out how you can participate.

Free Flights and Free Nights in 5 Star Resorts!

To find the most incredible deals, our sources talk direct to resort managers every day.

Puerto Vallarta has dozens of the best resorts in the world. Our sources find the resorts that would LOVE to reimburse your flight cost, put you up for free nights of LUXURY beyond belief. Many include meals, tickets, booze, and other gifts.

It goes much further. Very little energy earned us hundreds of dollars each day just for visiting resorts throughout the area.

This post is about how it’s possible to do two things:Tropicana Hotel palapas

  • Get free flights and free nights in 5-star resorts, many of them all-inclusive.
  • Earn an extra bundle of cash, tickets, and dinners from the best resorts in the world.

When you tell us your desires, our sources negotiate the best deals on accommodations and relay those to you for approval.

After you arrive, we make arrangements for you to spend time with one of our select local Pirates. Some are experts on taking you to visit 5-star resorts that will pay you hundreds of dollars for 2 hours of your time. Others know all the ins and outs of weddings, others know where to get discounts on tickets, and so on.

If you choose to make money, you’ll tag along with your Pirate to view resorts. During each two hour tour, you’ll be fed a gourmet meal. Then, you’ll be treated to a walk-through of the magnificent resort. Afterwards, the resort will “invite” you to purchase a membership.

You’re under no obligation to buy anything, and after two hours are up, you get paid and you’re welcome to leave… or stay and enjoy free use of the incredible facilities for the day.

Some of Our Guests Earn Thousands of Dollars… and Vacation for Free!

With an extra few hundred dollars in your pocket you may choose to go on a dozen of these tours, each one paying you hundreds of dollars, tickets, meals, and more.

It’s your Pirate’s job to show you how it works and walk you through each step beforehand. He is with you during the process, making sure you get luxurious treatment and maximum advantages.

There are no strings attached. You have nothing to pay out and lots of potential. You set the limits.

Learn more by clicking Contact.

If You Own a Time-Share, Recoup Some Serious Cash

I heard on the street that the going cash rate is above 9000 pesos (almost US$700).US Currency

That means if you’re a current owner of a time-share, some resorts in the P.V. area will pay you a lot of money just to eat a gourmet brunch and sit through a 2-hour tour.

Sit through more than one, and it quickly adds up.

This seems like an interesting way to recoup some cash from the time-share sellers. After all, promises were made and not kept.

You can earn a few hundred, and even thousands of dollars, in little time and effort. If you’re interested in learning more about how to take advantage of this offer, click Contact.

How I Earned $1,000 in 6 Hours on My Vacation

Here’s how I earned a wad of cash on my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta by knowing how to hook up with the insider’s deal at incredible resorts:

A taxicab picked us up in front of our hotel at roughly 9:30 each morning and we were delivered to a resort where we were asked a handful of harmless questions (whether we were married, whether we had a credit card, etc.) and then led to a beautiful restaurant setting to eat.

After about 45 minutes of great food, our host (salesman), and now friend, gave us a tour of a beautifully decorated grand suite, then a tour of the general facilities and highlights. We ended up in a large room and sat to listen to the pitch.

I have to admit that the facilities and the value are pretty incredible. Each resort was luxurious and of the highest caliber, if you go for that sort of thing. And a lot of people do, so be prepared to be offered an incredible deal.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach with Grassy Yard

Exiting, my partner and I were paid cash $400, $350, and $250 at the conclusion of each viewing.

That’s all there is to it. Oh, each resort gave us a return taxicab.

Easiest Money I Ever Made

That adds up to $1,000 for about 6 hours of our time over three separate days. It cost us nothing.

Each paid us to eat a gourmet meal, tour their resort, and listen to a pitch. Each lasted about 2 hours including the meal.

(Tip: Take your time enjoying the wonderful food.)

Sure we had to say “no” several times, but in the end that’s all it took. We were not time-share buyers and never will be.

(Tip: The best deals are offered after you’ve said “no” enough times to get the manager to make an offer.)

So pretend you go on one of these tours a day for a couple of weeks. It quickly adds up to thousands of dollars in your pocket. And the resorts love you! They just want a chance to present their offer to you.

(Tip: Despite what they tell you, their offer is definitely good the next day.)

How to Take Your Family on a Tropical Beach Vacation for Very Little Money

Now I’m happy to help other Americans and Canadians take advantage of this situation and much more. I’m in close touch with “Pirates” who know the insider’s deal at various resorts in the area so I help you hook up.

Contact me to find out how you can easily get this to work for you.