Portamar is Luxury at a Low Cost in Fluvial, 3 Bedrooms – $139,950

Today, let’s do a little true/false quiz about Portamar and why it’s the best deal in town.

1. True or False: Location, location, location?

True, Portamar has a location :>), a convenient location central to everything in PV. See map below.

2.  True or False: Price?

True, Portamar has a price :>), a reduced price of $139,950 on unit 301 or 302 and $209,950 on most other units.

3.  True or False: Value?

True, Portamar has value :>), an incredible value with everything you expect in a 3-bedroom condo.

4.  True or False: Pool?

True, Portamar has a pool :>), a pool that’s surrounded by green.

5.  True or False: Security?

True, Portamar is secure with 24-hour a day guard and fully gated :>).

6.  True or False: Parking?

True, Portamar has plenty of parking with two gated spaces per unit :>).

7.  True or False: Luxury?

True, Portamar has luxury with style and grace :>).

8. True or False: Deeded?

True, Portamar is fully deeded and ready to own now :>). That means less hassles and overhead for you.

9. True or False: Fluvial?

True, Portamar is in Fluvial where there’s no power lines and where it’s built up above any flooding :>). Fluvial has its own water treatment and power plants.

10. True or False: Neighborhoods?

True, Fluvial has some of the nicest neighborhoods in PV :>). Eight blocks to the beach, three to the library, two to Costco, everything is close to Portamar.

How did you score? Did you get all the answers correct?

Well enough games, come see for yourself why Portamar is the best deal in town. I’m here every day from 10-4 and would like to show you around.

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  1. we are here for a week to find something we can spend 1-2 months a year during the winter and rent out when we're not here.we would like to look at this. thanks

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