Low Season In Puerto Vallarta

Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa
Vallarta Beach During Semana Santa

High season and Low season are the two seasons that we experience here in Puerto Vallarta! Although in the past few years the low season is getting less drastic than it was many years ago. The low season here is a slow down of tourists visiting and this usually starts to happen after Semana Santa (Easter Break) and then begins to pick back up sometime in October.

I can remember ten years ago when low season was here everyone knew it and felt it, and many businesses would close their doors for three months which left our paradise feeling like a ghost town. Thankfully our low seasons are not that low anymore!

During the summer months we get a lot more National tourists that come to play and vacation here in our beach town. Kids are out of school and Puerto Vallarta offers a summer playground for the Nationals that live inland and want to spend time at the beach.  Continue reading “Low Season In Puerto Vallarta”

Getting to Yelapa in a Water Taxi

The first time I took a water taxi to Yelapa I had imagined that it would be similar to taking a Ferry. I was mistaken! A water taxi actually resembles more of a fishing boat with extra seating than anything.  It is much smaller than a Ferry! The water taxis are manned by two pros Who have mastered the art of  getting you safely from the beaches of Puerto Vallarta to Yelapa beach with ease.

Water Taxi Ride Through Los Arcos
Water Taxi Ride Through Los Arcos

After all of the passengers are on board the water taxi takes off and as you get further away.  From the shore you get a breathtaking view of Puerto Vallarta  from the water.

If your lucky your Captain might take you on a bit of a tour along the way stopping at Los Arcos for all to get a close up and personal view.

If  you come upon dolphins, whales or sea turtles on your trip to Yelapa, nine times out of ten the Captain will slow or stop the boat for all the passengers to marvel and take pictures of the sea life in their natural habitat. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

Water Taxi's at Yelapa Beach
Water Taxi's at Yelapa Beach


Water Taxi Tips

– Pack your electronics in an airtight zip lock bag. Better to be safe than sorry!

– The further you sit towards the back of boat the less bumpy the ride

– Bring something to cover up with, zipping through the ocean can get chilly.

– The ocean is always calmer in the morning, so taking an earlier water taxi can be more enjoyable for those who might be nervous.


Spectacular Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta!

Old Town pier sunset
Old,Old Town pier at sunset.

Sunsets in Puerto Vallarta are a spectacular sight — not to be missed. A front row seat on the beach is the best place to watch the sunset.

With your bare feet in the beach sand, and a cocktail in hand, sit back and enjoy the view. Puerto Vallarta is a magical place where you get an unobstructed view of the big, red ball of fire as it sinks into the ocean.

There are no freight or cargo ships blocking your view, only pleasure crafts. The occasional sailboat, yacht, kayak, or even surfboard paddlers may take the stage, and this makes for the perfect sunset photo.

It is an amazing experience to witness a sunset in Puerto Vallarta and if you are only visiting for a short time I would put this at the top of your beach to-do list.

Personally, I watch it every chance I get!

Architect-Designed Casa Well-Worth $3.6 Million in Puerto Vallarta

I see a lot of multi-million-dollar real estate here in Puerto Vallarta, and sometimes these places look like a unit in an uninspired apartment complex in Milwaukee or Peoria — although plopped down on a gorgeous stretch of beach.

But this beachfront casa on the south shore, designed by architect Elias Rizo, is worth every penny of its asking price of $3,595,000 (although, in this buyer’s market, you might not have to pay even that much).

This modern masterpiece has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths in Continue reading “Architect-Designed Casa Well-Worth $3.6 Million in Puerto Vallarta”

Fluvial Vallarta Neighborhood Including Portamar

If you visit Puerto Vallarta as a tourist, fall in love with the city, and want to stay — or want to return again and again and again — you’ll be joining a rather large group of happy people, including myself. Puerto Vallarta has about 50,000 Americans and Canadians living here.

Many of us buy a place in Vallarta. Great idea. But think about what you want in your day-to-day life before you sign any contracts! Continue reading “Fluvial Vallarta Neighborhood Including Portamar”

Six Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta

SailfishesPuerto Vallarta is located on Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags), the second largest bay in the Americas.

Its surroundings, characterized by jungle, rivers and cascades, enjoy a temperature annual average of 27ºC (81ºF).

Check out these:

Mismaloya Beach, one of the favorite sites of celebrities, first made famous by the director John Huston who, in 1963, ” filmed “The Night of the Iguana”, with Ava Gardner and Richard Burton (and visits by Elizabeth Taylor). Continue reading “Six Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta”

Downtown Footbridge Leads to World-Class Flea Market

One of the best flea markets in the world is just outside Old Town across the footbridge at the end of Constitution street (click on Maps, then look at the Old Town and El Centro South maps).

Actually, I mention the footbridge because it’s a fun people-watching spot.

If you desire a more stable footing, the two main traffic bridges are just one block to the north and south.

The two-story flea market is big so plan to wander around for at least an hour or two. (Hint: We carry cell phones so we don’t have to worry about finding each other, but you can simply agree to meet at the footbridge in an hour or whenever works.)

Across the street and upstairs is Cafe Roma, a hangout for the local Americans most Fridays when they sell beers for 5 pesos if you order food. How many 39 cent Coronas can you drink?

Kiosks on Isla Rio CualeKiosks on Isla Rio Cuale

Across half of the footbridge, the island, Isla Rio Cuale, is full of kiosks. Wander down to the beach while you casually discover items you’ve never seen before.

At first Isla Rio Cuale appears to be just another conglomeration of tourist markets, but it is actually a place of local beauty and charm.

From the beach or Malecon, you can start at the market end of the island. Unless it’s your first time, keep walking because the best is yet to come. Continue reading “Downtown Footbridge Leads to World-Class Flea Market”

Puerto Vallarta: The San Francisco of Mexico

Puerto Vallarta earns its nickname, “The San Francisco of Mexico,” not only because it is uncommonly friendly to gays and lesbians, but because PV is open-minded in most ways. Just as in San Francisco, though, open-minded doesn’t as a rule mean tasteless or offensive. Far from it!

As a city that has peacefully and graciously incorporated 50,000 expatriate Americans and Canadians into it over the past couple of decades, while hosting millions more for vacations, Puerto Vallarta has learned that its best interests are served by incorporating the best of what the newcomers want, instead of expecting them to adopt purely Mexican ways. Continue reading “Puerto Vallarta: The San Francisco of Mexico”

Puerto Vallarta: A Massage Primer

Spas abound in Puerto Vallarta, and an hour of massage with scented oils, hot stones, and a cold drink, on the beach or with an ocean view, can set you back a whole $50 USD. We’ll talk about these kinds of experiences again and again as I work my way through PV’s spas, on assignment as a spa tester/reviewer, at least in my dreams.

But in addition to the luxurious spas, you can find a good, reasonably priced massage ($35-$50 USD per hour) around just about any Puerto Vallarta corner. Continue reading “Puerto Vallarta: A Massage Primer”

Beaches and Beach Towns Around Puerto Vallarta

Puerto_Vallarta_beachBeaches in Puerto Vallarta

All around PV, there are plenty of public access beaches. Here is my list of the best beaches and beach towns in the area.

  • Playa Camarones (Shrimp Beach) – Col. 5 de Deciembre (vicinity of Av. Paragua – Hotel Buenaventura. This is the northernmost public beach in the City of Puerto Vallarta proper. It is named after the shrimp fisherman that once landed their launches on the beach to unload their catch.
  • Playa Olas Altas (High Waves Beach) – Col. Emilio Zapata – the beach extends from the Cuale River South to the fishing pier. Continue reading “Beaches and Beach Towns Around Puerto Vallarta”

Landmarks to Visit in Puerto Vallarta

Parish Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Col. Centro

  • Púlpito and Pilitas (Pulpit and Baptismal Font) – Col. Emilio Zapata – two rock formations at the South end of Los Muertos Beach. El Púlpito is the tall headland and Las Pilitas are the formation of rocks beneath it. Las Pilitas is the original location of the Boy on a Seahorse sculpture (El Caballito) with a new one located on the Malecón. There are two streets in the Olas Altas area named after the rock formations.
  • Playa Conchas Chinas (Chinese Shells Beach) – Fracc. Amapas – the city’s most secluded beach, located to the south of the headland which forms the boundary of Los Muertos beach.
  • Mercado Isle Cuale and Mercado Municipal Cuale – there are two large public markets in El Centro along the banks of the Cuale selling a variety of artisanal and souvenir goods, and the Isla Cuale has a number of souvenir vendor shops as well. The Isla Cuale was also famous for its cat population. Continue reading “Landmarks to Visit in Puerto Vallarta”

Iguanas at the Pool and Beach in Puerto Vallarta

Protected species of iguana live at resort swimming pools and beaches in the Puerto Vallarta area along with cats, peacocks, turtles, and fish (in their own pools). Iguana eating a tomato stolen at the Velas pool

It’s said iguana don’t eat meat, but sometimes when you slip into the pool for a moment, they’ve been known to steal the hamburger right off your plate.

Here’s some interesting facts:

Iguana possess a row of spines running down their back to their tail, and a third “eye” on their head. This eye is known as the parietal eye, visible as a pale scale on the top of the head.

Behind their neck are small scales which resemble spikes, known as tuberculate scales. These scales may be a variety of colors and are not always visible from close distances. The large round scale on their cheek is known as a subtympanic shield.

Iguanas have excellent vision and are able to see shapes, shadows, colors, and movement at long distances. Iguanas use their eyes to navigate through crowded forests, as well as for finding food. They use visual signals to communicate with other members of the same species.

Kristin with her new iguana friend
Photos courtesy of Kristin Lewis

An iguana’s ear is known as the tympanum. It is the iguana’s ear drum, and is located right above the subtympanic shield and behind the eye.

Iguanas are often hard to spot, as they tend to blend into their surroundings. The color green helps as a mode of hiding from larger predators.Iguana eating from human hand at the pool

Puerto Vallarta Is the Best Vacation Spot in the Americas

Arches on the Malecon in El CentroPuerto Vallarta is regarded by many people to be the best vacation spot in all of Mexico.  It is bordered on its western side by North America’s second largest natural bay, Banderas Bay.

On its eastern border, the breathtaking Sierra Madres rise up to form a scenic backdrop to a setting that combines the most traditional elements of Mexican culture to the most opulent luxuries of resort living.

One of the first things that people notice when they come to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the richness of the local culture and the strong emphasis of tradition integrated into the opulence of modern luxuries. Continue reading “Puerto Vallarta Is the Best Vacation Spot in the Americas”

Beaches Around Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta offers the water lover an astounding diversity of choices in both beaches themselves and beach activities.  Everything from snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, and fishing can be found along these shores.

Because Puerto Vallarta is situated on the second largest bay in all of North America, The Bay of Banderas, it offers a staggering total of over 40 different, individual beaches from which to choose.  Each location has its own unique ambience and qualities, and there is something in Puerto Vallarta for somewhere for water lovers from all walks of life.

Continue reading “Beaches Around Puerto Vallarta”

Puerto Vallarta Condos

Malecon IIStaying in a Puerto Vallarta condo offers a number of advantages over staying in a hotel or even an all-inclusive resort.

Condos are more private and generally removed from the busier parts of the city.  While never far from the action, they keep you far enough from the parties and crowds so you can have your dreamtime, your peace and quiet, and your good night’s sleep guaranteed.

Puerto Vallarta condos are usually located in very scenic areas Continue reading “Puerto Vallarta Condos”