Eat, Sleep and Play in Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a charming area that is located just 2 minutes from the international airport and 15 minutes from down town Puerto Vallarta.

The marina hosts many luxury yachts and sailboats in its 450 slips. Some of the boats are here year round, while others are here for a season, or just a day or two to rest before continuing on their journey.

The marina has a beautiful boardwalk lined with many shops, spas, and restaurants which makes it a great place for window shopping, people watching and enjoying a good meal. It is also the place where you can book a fishing trip with one of the many fishing charter companies in Puerto Vallarta.

Here in the marina you will find restaurants in every price range to suit all budgets. There are a couple of places that specialize in breakfast, while other restaurants only open in the evenings.

You will find Seafood, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurant options to choose from, as well as a couple of sports bars, where you can keep up on Hockey, Football, Soccer, UFC etc. Continue reading “Eat, Sleep and Play in Marina Vallarta”

Cheap Hotels In Paradise

There’s a huge range of super-appealing long- and short-term rental deals in Puerto Vallarta, but while you’re looking for that perfect place, you don’t have to pay expensive hotel rates — unless that’s what you want (in which case you’ll be blown away by the luxury and value available).

When I first came to Puerto Vallarta, I wasn’t looking for a vacation.

I didn’t know the city at all, and I wanted to get to know it, to see if I wanted to put down roots here. Continue reading “Cheap Hotels In Paradise”

How to Find the Best Puerto Vallarta Lodging for You

There are a variety of types of Puerto Vallarta lodgings you can choose from when booking your vacation.

If you are stayng a while and comfort and convenience are most important, you will enjoy a condominium.

If intimacy and seclusion are a priority, you will probably feel most comfortable in a villa.

If you are a mover and a shaker and need a room to use as a base of exploration and party-going, then a hotel is a better fit for you.

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, and want to combine the best in Puerto Vallarta lodgings with all the many activities you came here to enjoy, then any number of all-inclusive resort packages are available to you. Continue reading “How to Find the Best Puerto Vallarta Lodging for You”

Deals and Other Stuff in Puerto Vallarta

Painting of Puerto VallartaPuerto Vallarta offers many types of deals to the eclectic traveler looking to experience a bit of everything.  A deal is more than just a cheap hotel or an all-inclusive package.  It is a reasonable investment in an activity or destination that brings pure enjoyment in the moment and a lifetime of good memories after you return home.

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Deals

If you want to save your money for fun, you can find hotel rooms for as low as $76.00 per night. Prices vary per season and are subject to change week by week.  Check with an agent to see what the best rates are in the Hotel Zone or the Marina Area.

Continue reading “Deals and Other Stuff in Puerto Vallarta”

How Is a Condo Best for Your Trip?

I like to visit Puerto Vallarta in the off-season because there are lots of gorgeous and cheap accommodations available and there are no crowds. Locals are less stressed and deals abound everywhere I turn.

But how does one find these accommodation deals in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere else?

Sure, hotels offer convenient access to more services. For short stays, hotels are ideal. Everything is easy, but if staying long, hotels cost a lot and don’t feel homey.

Condos offer my regular living style. With a stocked kitchen and linens, I can settle in to enjoy a place for weeks or months at a time. It becomes a second home.Painting of Puerto Vallarta

Most important to me, condos cost a lot less than hotels. An off-season rental can be dirt cheap.

I like to live pretty well. Currently, my rental is a gorgeous two-bedroom condo two blocks from the best beach in the area for 7000 pesos (about $550) a month including utilities, cable tv, and high-speed internet. Next month, my partner is returning to the U.S. so I’ll rent a one-bedroom for 3500 pesos (about $275).

Even lower rental prices are available. I just happen to like this particular condo.

You can find these types of deals in the Vallarta area with just a little help. Contact me at and I’ll share how.