Seafood Shanties by the Seashore

Meaning tortillas, a local waiter asked me if I wanted Mexican silverware.

Street stand food is a collection of clever little self-contained bundles ready to eat with your fingers.

Besides different types of food and eating utensils, people are mostly the same about taste and cleanliness when it comes to food. That’s why I pick a street stand where other people are eating. The locals know what’s good, clean, tasty, and safe. Continue reading “Seafood Shanties by the Seashore”

Why Live In Mexico?

Mexico remains the favorite expat haven for U.S. and Canadian citizens despite earthquakes, economic collapses and border drug battles.

Mexico is colorful and vibrant, whether you’re looking at flora and fauna or architecture, furnishings or textiles. It has a rich history, and according to financial figures, a promising future.

Mexico is culturally a long way from the U.S. or Canada. Mexicans are friendly but very private and even secretive. They are trustworthy but not trusting. Continue reading “Why Live In Mexico?”

Crime Comparisons by Country: U.S. and Mexico

Painting by Karen Knapp

The U.S. is 8th in the world in total crimes at 80.0645 per 1000 residents, giving you an 8% chance of being a victim in the U.S.

But here is the real clunker – Mexico — the country the U.S. government tells you not to visit, and the U.S. media has a field day reporting any crime, be it significant or not, to further put the fear of God into staying away from, well, Mexico ranks 39th in total crime in the world [Source] with a per capita of slightly less than 13 crimes per 1000 residents… That is a 1.3% chance of being a victim of crime in Mexico.  Continue reading “Crime Comparisons by Country: U.S. and Mexico”

Easier Now to Move to Mexico than Ever Before

When you tire of the ice, snow, bitter wind, bad economics, and overall unhappy situation in the United States, I’m here to tell you that it is easier these days to move to Mexico than ever before.

Mexico is a much happier country than up north. Mexicans and their guests are generally smiling and enjoying life. It’s a real joy to live around generally happier people all the time.

Continue reading “Easier Now to Move to Mexico than Ever Before”

How I Escaped from the U.S. Grind

Flying ParrotLots of people from the states ask me how I got here. They want to know how to escape from the grind they’re in.

I moved to Puerto Vallarta to escape the U.S. culture of too much work for too little reward.

How did I escape and build a new life in Mexico?

First, I got rid of all debt. I began to drive an older vehicle. I stayed away from consumerism. I keep my spending low. Continue reading “How I Escaped from the U.S. Grind”

Do I Need an Agent? What is MLS Vallarta?

Purchasing real estate in Mexico can appear to be a daunting venture. To help you understand the process, this blog provides an overview of buying, selling, and renting real estate in the Puerto Vallarta area. Coming articles will include answers to a number of Frequently Asked Questions that repeatedly come up.Cluster of homes in Puerto Vallarta

Should I be working with a real estate agent?

Yes, you should. Whether you are buying or selling, you need a real estate agent who listens to you and understands this special marketplace.

Buying and selling real estate in Mexico is not as simple or straightforward as it is in the USA and Canada. There are potential obstacles that a real estate agent will help you navigate through. Continue reading “Do I Need an Agent? What is MLS Vallarta?”