Eat, Sleep and Play in Marina Vallarta

Marina Vallarta is a charming area that is located just 2 minutes from the international airport and 15 minutes from down town Puerto Vallarta.

The marina hosts many luxury yachts and sailboats in its 450 slips. Some of the boats are here year round, while others are here for a season, or just a day or two to rest before continuing on their journey.

The marina has a beautiful boardwalk lined with many shops, spas, and restaurants which makes it a great place for window shopping, people watching and enjoying a good meal. It is also the place where you can book a fishing trip with one of the many fishing charter companies in Puerto Vallarta.

Here in the marina you will find restaurants in every price range to suit all budgets. There are a couple of places that specialize in breakfast, while other restaurants only open in the evenings.

You will find Seafood, Italian, Chinese, and Mexican restaurant options to choose from, as well as a couple of sports bars, where you can keep up on Hockey, Football, Soccer, UFC etc. Continue reading “Eat, Sleep and Play in Marina Vallarta”

Authentic Mexican Food Delicious at Vallarta’s Café de Olla

One way to find the best “Comida Mexicana” (authentic Mexican food) is to go where local families go.

It seems as if Café de Olla in Puerto Vallarta is always stuffed with Mexican families and tourists alike, all really enjoying their food and “delightfully stiff” drinks. And this has been going on for years, so you know it’s a solid, well-run place. I’ve always found the service gracious, and the food has always surpassed my high expectations. Continue reading “Authentic Mexican Food Delicious at Vallarta’s Café de Olla”

Delicious Fruity Mexican Beverages

You can get a Coke in Puerto Vallarta, everywhere, but you probably won’t want to — not when you can instead have the drinks the locals have perfected using the freshest tropical fruits.

One of my great early PV discoveries was agua fresca, literally fresh water, which is refreshing, delicious, healthful, and inexpensive. The traditional way to make agua fresca is to mash seasonal fruit with a fork and then add it to water along with a natural sweetener. Your restaurant will probably make it with a blender; it’s served by the pitcher, very cold, but usually not over ice — but you can always get glasses of ice to pour it over if you like.

(Businesses in Puerto Vallarta understand that tourists are the reason their businesses exist, and almost all owners and employees genuinely want you to get what you want. A restaurant owner will go to the restaurant down the block to get you what you need, if necessary.) Continue reading “Delicious Fruity Mexican Beverages”

Where to Find Authentic Mexican Restaurants

The first so-called authentic Mexican restaurants I tried did not impress me.

Gradually, I’ve found great authentic Mexican restaurants, cafes, palapas, and sidewalk stands. Here are a couple you might try:

Shrimp tostada
Delicious shrimp tostada.

One of my favorites is Pancho’s Takos. They serve delicious “al pastor” tacos with lots of roasted seasoned pork for 9 pesos each, served on a broken plate. It’s a small place where you can sit at a table on the sidewalk along Basilio Badillo. Ask for cilantro and onion, then try the various sauces on top.

Up the street about a block is Fajita Republic for more refined dining. Great food in a quiet location makes this one of my favorite dinner spots. I split meals with my friends because the servings are so large.

On the beach at Rodriguez, I often stop in for a 45 peso Mexican breakfast of eggs, beans, tortillas, and coffee. The food is very good, the coffee is strong, and the people watching is world class.

La Cruz de Huanacaxle, Casa Tere Restaurant/Home/Lot – Ocean View, Traffic, Location – $98,000 USD

Casa TereIn a great location facing the main highway entering La Cruz. This property is currently being used as a combination home and small restaurant.

The construction was completed in a manner that allows a second floor to be added and the lot is large enough to expand the first floor, if desired.

The city has plans for a glorietta and green area in the space between the building and highway so the partial ocean view will not be blocked by new construction.

Location would be ideal for a commercial enterprise as the exposure to passing traffic is excellent.

Neighborhood: Cetmar, Type: House, Land size: 200 m2, Construction: 80 m2, Bedrooms: 1, Bathrooms: 1

Cetmar Pool: No, View: Street, partial ocean, Furnished: Yes, Parking: 2, Age: 4

Casa Tere 2 Casa Tere 3